Artist’s Statement

In my childhood, my room used to become a darkroom. The light filtered through the window’s crevice and on the wall, the outside world was walking upside down. I definitely understood that, to that reality, I would not contemplate it as usual.

Then came the Analog and decades of study. Personally, there came a time when my ideas went beyond a tedious limit. Then the Digital began slowly to awaken new concerns, other outputs, other conclusions. I have learned what I learned from Master Alain Desvergnes -ex National Higher School Director of Photography- Arles (France) – to a quote from Susan Sontag, “I love limitations because they are the cause of inspiration.” Then, stripped of everything and provided with a pocket camera of precarious benefits, I built the bases that lead me today to the creation of my works and that refer to the encounter of the imaginary with the real thing. My work consists in the manipulation of images with which I construct landscapes and dream worlds. Each work is itself part of a metaphor of my vision; A reality, which alternates between the everyday and my dreams.